Fourteen Hills In The News: A Small Press With Great Art

We were just featured in the SF Examiner’s series on Bay Area small presses. Even though the article calls our managing editor D.W. Lichtenberg a poetry editor, it gets into the meat of what makes Fourteen Hills: the SFSU Review worth watching:

"The journal doesn't exist to make itself look good," says Fourteen Hills faculty advisor Matthew Clark Davison. "If we solicit something from an established writer and what we get is not something we feel we can stand behind, we don’t print it." Read the full article here.

The art of the Fall issue of our literary magazine also shows up on the NewPages.com blog.

Here’s what they have to say:

"Fourteen Hills has always had the talent for selecting cover-poppin' art, and their latest issue is no exception. ‘Stuck on Morning Thoughts’ by the Pfeiffer Sisters is the appetizer for the center portfolio section of the journal, which features more of their sadly/sweetly haunting characters."

Thanks, NewPages! If you haven’t seen the amazing portfolio by these very talented artists in our last issue, you can buy a copy at any of these bookstores. We’re also looking for new subscribers. Don’t be shy, help us keep independent publishing alive! And please come to our reading next week, in the Poetry Center. RSVP on Facebook and ask questions for our panelists here.

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  1. You can also now subscribe to 14 Hills with a credit card online! Whereas before you had to mail a subscription form and a check. Check it out: http://fictionondemand.com/