From The Archives: A Poem About A Peep-Show On Noah's Ark

Writer Jason Stumpf took on the unexpected in his short prose poem published in Spring/Summer 2007, Issue 13.2. Here it is in its entirety:

Noah's Ark Peep-Show

First suppose a raven and a dove. The heart heard in the ears.
He took her by two shoulders as if to wake her. This is how,
he said, hard truths are told. She stood in a waxy way as he
ran a hand across the velvet of her dress. Out the window:
water, and inside, too, the moon held sway. The parlor was
the pallor of a veil. She sighed, So here we are. We are, he
echoes, almost asking. A wide-shot over water: two birds
with nothing in their claws.

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