Art You Can Eat Right Off A Stick: Our May 21 Release Party Menu

Cooking is a form of creative expression, and just like Fourteen Hills: The San Francisco State University Review looks for unique and innovative fiction and poetry to light up your senses, we believe the food at our release party should be just as delicious and unforgettable.

If you attended our release last semester, hopefully you had a chance to try the gourmet Middle Eastern food prepared by Janna K. Denig.  This semester, on May 21, Fourteen Hills will continue the tradition of culinary excellence with catering by Jason Lujick, Lamont Perriman, and yours truly, Stephen Rosenshein.

For starters, we’ll have delicious and savory chicken and pork yakitori skewers, marinated in a sauce of mirin, soy, saki and sugar, carefully grilled over charcoal until perfectly tender and juicy, and then sprinkled with sesame seeds. A can’t-miss treat, sure to please your taste buds!

On the sweeter side of things we’ll have a bouquet of hand-selected fresh fruit from around the Bay Area. Don’t let the lovely floral arrangement fool you, this beautiful mix of melon, strawberry, grapes, and pineapple is perfectly edible.

Last, but definitely not least, are two focaccia pizzetta platters, focaccia bread topped with marinara sauce and an abundant helping of fresh mozzarella cheese, a generous donation from our friends at Bi-Rite Market.

Located in the center of the Mission, Bi-Rite Market is San Francisco’s premier neighborhood market, serving up fresh, local products to the area since 1940. Fourteen Hills would like to take this opportunity to thank Bi-Rite for their thoughtful donation and for supporting literary arts in the Bay Area community.

You can help support the community -- and eat tasty snacks for free -- at 7 p.m. on May 21 at the San Francisco Motorcycle Club. We hope you will join us in celebration of this issue’s authors, Bay Area community, and the beauty of art: literary, visual and culinary. RSVP today.

See you there!

-Stephen Rosenshein, Fourteen Hills Asst. Poetry Editor

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  1. sounds like delicious food and fun times!