Exciting changes are taking place here at Fourteen Hills

Right now, we're integrating our blog with our website. To keep up with our latest news and updates, move with us to our new, spiffy home.

Have you noticed? Fourteen Hills is looking real high-tech these days! We're leaping into the digital age by preparing to accept submissions online. That's right, we're getting closer to becoming a smoother-running, green, paperless machine.

In the meantime, we're all hard at work on the next issue, 17.2, scheduled to be released later this spring, so thanks for your submissions, and keep them coming!

To our loyal subscribers, expect to receive your copy of the magazine soon (and for those of you who'd like to become a subscriber, click here). As you can see, we're busy getting copies of the latest issue ready to send.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the updates on the horizon and thanks for your continued support!

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