Fourteen Hills Lit Crawl Wrap-up

It was great to see so many new faces at the Fourteen Hills reading at the City Arts Gallery during Saturday’s LitCrawl. We love introducing new people to our magazine. We also love being paired with great magazines like Eleven Eleven.

Contributors Jenny Pritchett, D.W. Lichtenberg, and Jill Tidman rocked the mike to great applause. A few times the content veered into slightly racy territory (Jenny, we have you to thank for that), and one of our young audience members had to be escorted outside to protect her innocence. Contributing to the delinquency of minors, that’s Fourteen Hills in a nutshell. (Just kidding!)

"I'm certainly biased, but the Lit Crawl is the most fun part of Litquake,” Jenny said afterwards. “For one evening out of every year, the Mission [District of San Francisco] comes alive with fans of literature! How strange! How wonderful! Artsy types throng alleys, cafes, galleries, and bars to hear their versions of rock stars read –gasp -- poems and stories. It's a beautiful thing, and I'm honored and pleased to have been involved.” Check out Jenny's reading on Dublit.com: Jenny Pritchett reads at Lit Crawl 2009

D.W. showed off his frenetic reading style at the mike, and we asked him about his unique style. “I can use my nervous energy on stage to my benefit,” he said. “I don't rehearse. My writing aims for purity of voice, and so does my performance. Realness is the most important thing in my work. When people think I'm being brutally honest, the vulnerability of the work can hit a lot harder.” Click to listen on Dublit.com: D.W. Lichtenberg reads at Lit Crawl 2009

Jill Tidman finished the reading off with a story that's set in a bar just a few blocks from the gallery. Her publication in Fourteen Hills 15.2 was her first. "To be given a tremendous stage like Litcrawl is quite an opportunity. It's a brilliant way to bring people together through poems and stories, which have a way connecting us as physical and emotional beings—and these days it can be easy to forget that's what we are." Listen to Jill Tidman's reading on Dublit.com

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See you at the next event, which will be the release of The Ancient Book of Hip by D.W. Lichtenberg on November 18, 2009 at the Space Gallery.

- Leanne M.
Fourteen Hills staff

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