Fourteen Hills: What's in a name?

While the seven hills of early Rome figure prominently in Roman mythology and politics, the city of San Francisco seems to encourage visitors and residents to argue over how many hills fill our small city. There’s certainly a lot more than seven, and many more than fourteen.

The usually reliable Wikipedia lists forty-four hills in SF, from the lowest (Rincon Hill at 100 ft.) to the highest (Mount Davidson at 925 ft.). For pictures and a map to forty-three of those hills, visit MisterSF.

But the most complete and accurate list we’ve found identifies SEVENTY-FOUR HILLS in San Francisco and its surrounding areas (Goat Hill on Yerba Buena Island makes the list). Check it out at the SF Gazetteer.

All of this comes down to: Why is the SFSU review called Fourteen Hills? Which hills does it reference? Send in your ideas, and stay tuned for the rest of our investigation.

-Leanne M.
Fourteen Hills staff

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